BC – Bowron Lakes Day 6 and 7

Day 6 8:30 am

Having made up some ground on Day 5, Peter and Marg decided to get an early start and see if they could make Camp 48 half way up Spectacle Lake on the western side of the circuit. This would be the longest day as there were three short portages in the middle of this leg of the race.

The day started with a leisurely paddle on the Cariboo River to Sandy Lake which included a cow moose sighting. Sandy Lake was also reputed to have strong winds, but unlike Lanezi had a north shoreline that was almost one continuous beach, and therefore would be easy to seek refuge if the weather turned nasty. However, that morning, the sun was up and the lake calm. This was the first day that any sunscreen had been necessary. Two stops at each campground to give the muscles a rest and the Motrin time to work, proved essential in making it though the day. Another leisurely paddle down the Cariboo River to Babcock Creek and the first portage of the day. 

A quick lunch at the start of the portage followed by the 1.2 km trek along a very straight and almost flat trail – the easiest one so far. Babcock Lake had a large reeded area, which usually guaranteed a moose sighting, which was indeed the case – the second one of the trip. The portage dance continued with two more 400m portages on either side of Skoi Lake, and then Spectacle Lake and the destination for the day.
Spectacle Lake had the second best view of the circuit with “Bowron Fuji” in the background – a name given to the mountain by Peter due to its uncanny resemblance to Mt. Fuji in Japan.
Spectacle Lake started out with clear weather, but soon a hail bearing cloud went across the path and pelted them with small hail. The weather cleared and they continued on their journey passed Camp 45, the backup destination and to Camp 48, the luxury destination with a cabin, a cooking shelter and 9 tent pads. Another long day ensured that Peter and Marg would only need one more day to complete the circuit. Peter and Marg were joined by Chay and Kelly from Seattle, and Chris and Louise. All alcohol and chips were generously shared and consumed on this last night of the race.
Spectacle Lake is also the destination for people doing the west side loop. The campground had a lot of people who had done a short trip and who were envious of those who had done the entire circuit. Peter and Marg had done the west side a few years earlier and therefore decided to challenge the entire course.
Day 7 8:30 AM
The final day of the Amazing Bowron Lakes Race. The 14km made this a shorter day than the previous two days. Chris and Louise, Peter and Marg, Chay and Kelly joined Luis and Janice who had leapt ahead of the pack for a celebratory beer at the end of the incredible 116.4 km journey around The Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit through rain, hail, lightning, and the odd sunny break. All agreed that this had been a great trip and would do it again.

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