Jakarta Writeup 8 – Wedding

We headed for Jakarta that evening and spent the weekend there to celebrate the marriage of Desi’s daughter Asih to her American husband Karras. It had been 15 years since we were last in Jakarta, and it seemed cleaner and a bit more vibrant than we had remembered. The traffic was very bad, and it took us over an hour to travel about 5 km. Luckily the taxi rates were very low, and the trip cost us less than $5.

The wedding day started out with a long service held at a Catholic Church, followed by a break of four hours until the reception. We headed to the main shopping mall in Jakarta to catch up with some friends and buy a few last minute souvenirs. We then returned to the wedding reception which was an interesting mix of traditional and contemporary music and dancing with some bridal karaoke followed by group singing. The alcohol was very discreet as most of the attendees were muslim. However, once most people left, the family members, who are Batak from Sumatra, broke out the alcohol and started singing, and signaled that the real party was to begin.

This was the last night that we were in Indonesia and was a fitting finale to a very diverse experience that we had over the past two weeks.


About petergsimmons

Global citizenship is conferred on those who have lived in a variety of countries, and who don’t identify with any one culture. I am such a person. Having lived in Jamaica, Canada and Japan, I have been exposed to First World/Third World, East and West, North and South. This has lead to a rich living experience, open-mindedness and curiosity about the world around me. This variety of living conditions in human landscapes is coupled with equally diverse travels in natural landscapes from the jungles of South East Asia and South America to the Arctic tundra; tropical beaches to the Himalayas, resulting in an incredible journey through life itself.
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