Thoughts on new iPad, part two

I have now had my new iPad for a month. I took this iPad traveling with me to Southeast Asia for a vacation as well as for business. The primary use of the iPad on vacation was to back up my photographs, and to record my daily activities as a journal. These two functions worked very well for me while I was traveling. I was able to back up both my raw files from my Pentax SLR and my Canon point-and-shoot camera as well as movie files and other JPEG files I was storing.
The iPad camera connection USB interface as well as the onboard keyboard and voice recognition software we’re amazing tools for doing these two functions. In addition the retina display was awesome. I was able to look up all of my files from both raw and JPEG using the display to confirm my focus composition etc. on the retina display each evening after I returned back from the field. Of course I was able to keep in touch with my family and friends back home using the email client via the Wi-Fi as well as Facebook. We also participated in some English classes at some local schools that our friends were teaching at in Indonesia. For this purpose I use the iPad to show videos of Canada as well as other information related to schools in the Canadian system.
I will post some videos and sample images from the trip in another post on WordPress.

Finally this entire blog has been transcribed by the onboard voice recognition software and I only had about four words that we’re not properly transcribed while I was doing us. This voice recognition software is truly remarkable and really makes the iPad so much easier to compose notes and do other text manipulation. It is truly awesome.

About petergsimmons

Global citizenship is conferred on those who have lived in a variety of countries, and who don’t identify with any one culture. I am such a person. Having lived in Jamaica, Canada and Japan, I have been exposed to First World/Third World, East and West, North and South. This has lead to a rich living experience, open-mindedness and curiosity about the world around me. This variety of living conditions in human landscapes is coupled with equally diverse travels in natural landscapes from the jungles of South East Asia and South America to the Arctic tundra; tropical beaches to the Himalayas, resulting in an incredible journey through life itself.
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