Training for the Granfondo Week 4

Asm entioend last week I am in a routine training pattern where I do the 16km return to UBC on Tuesday morning, go to the Clinic on Wednesday afternoon, do a spin class Thursday morning and then one or two weekend rides.

This week I had my saddle position adjusted about 1/2 inch forward. Did make a difference to   my sit bones being on the seat with more support. However, I noticed today that I had some slight discomfort in my left knee. Will have to watch that and see whether the seat height needs to be changed to compensate for the seat moving forward.

At the Wednesday clinic we practiced cornering. I learned a few tricks about applying weight to the outside pedal, having your inside pedal up. Also practised braking the rear wheel alone, and noticing the handling compared with braking with both wheels.

Our talk was on attaining peak performance with the zones. THis was a 20 minute talk by Peak Performance. I decided to sign up for the lactate test and the V02 test on Saturday.

This test seemed similar to a spin class. I got on my bike which was mounted to a Computrainer. Started at 90W at 90 RPM. First 10 minutes was  a warm up, and then thre minutes to the first threshold. They took a small blood sample from my finger, and then increased the power by 30W. Pedal for another 3 minutes maintaining at least 85 RPM, and then another blood sample. I was also preathing through a “snorkel mouthpiece” which was used to measure the composition of the air that I was exhaling.

This was repeated 4 more times, until I was at I believe 240 W. This last part was quite difficult, with my cadence falling to 70rpm. They shouted words of encouragement to get me back to 85rpm. I pedalled as hard a sI could and then stopped. I think I hit my lactate threshold!


About petergsimmons

Global citizenship is conferred on those who have lived in a variety of countries, and who don’t identify with any one culture. I am such a person. Having lived in Jamaica, Canada and Japan, I have been exposed to First World/Third World, East and West, North and South. This has lead to a rich living experience, open-mindedness and curiosity about the world around me. This variety of living conditions in human landscapes is coupled with equally diverse travels in natural landscapes from the jungles of South East Asia and South America to the Arctic tundra; tropical beaches to the Himalayas, resulting in an incredible journey through life itself.
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