Seattle Bike Show 2014

I visited the Seattle Bike Show this past weekend as part of my research for the Randoneurring bike that I have set my sights on for the future. Some of my targeted bike manufacturers were at that show. these included Renovo and Bike Friday.

Renovo makes the wooden bikes, which are amazing works of art, and ride really well. I tried their R3 road bike, and it compared very favourably to my Cervelo R3. They had one for their touring bikes there. Surprisingly, it was much heavier than I expected after trying their racing bike.

Renovo Touring Bike







Next stop was Bike Friday. I tired their road bike. It was surprisingly similar to riding a full size bike – not as comfortable as the Cervelo R3, but much better than I would have thought for a folding bike.

I walked around some more, and then came across Winter Bicycles and ended up talking with Eric, the owner and builder of the bikes. His sample bike, the PEI, was a rando style bike with built in lights, fenders, 650B wheels, and just about everything that Jan Heine had recommended in his blog. I felt that I was talking to a high priest of Randoneurring Bicycle building. This guy gets it. Despite his year long waiting list, I am very tempted to get one of his bikes built for commuting/randoneurring for next year’s season.

Stay tuned.


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