Global citizenship is conferred on those who have lived in a variety of countries, and who don’t identify with any one culture. I am such a person.
Having lived in Jamaica, Canada and Japan, I have been exposed to First World/Third World, East and West, North and South. This has lead to a rich living experience, open-mindedness and curiosity about the world around me. This variety of living conditions in human landscapes is coupled with equally diverse travels in natural landscapes from the jungles of South East Asia and South America to the Arctic tundra; tropical beaches to the Himalayas, resulting in an incredible journey through life itself.


Name: Peter Simmons

Hometown: Vancouver BC, Canada

Education: MBA (RRU), B.A.Sc. (UW) School: Royal Roads University, Univ. of Waterloo

Occupation: Director of Marketing

Email: petergsimmons{at}gmail.com